The State Legislature has passed, in its glorious wisdom a bill that mandates that colleges must observe a “Yes means Yes” standard on college campuses.

Or you can be convicted of rape.


Keep in mind, the wording concerning body language was intentionally left out. This means if a girl doesn’t explicitly say “Yes” you’re a fucking rapist as far as the State of California is concerned.


If a girl sucks your dick without first saying she wants to… you’ve raped her. Because let’s be honest, this standard will only be applied in one direction.

Keep in mind, you’re not just required to ask your partner if she’s consenting as you engage in sex.. you have to fucking REPEATEDLY ASK DURING THE SEX ACT because if you don’t she can say “I tensed up and he didn’t stop therefore he raped me”.

I’m not fucking making that up. That the actual example they use.


So… in closing. If you’re a male and you attend a college in California FUCKING RUN because your college has a vested financial interest in fucking destroying you.


Fuck Feminists.

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